Use Cases

Scheduling Application For Customer Engagement

Deliver Automatic Notification and engagement via SMS, Voice and Social Media chat.

  •  Personalized Engage with customer

    Real-time notification to avoid any pending booking and more keep customer engagement.

  •  Enable Automatic Interaction

    enable a customer to confirm or change reservation an appointment through the text message via SMS, social chat apps or IVR Bot calling.

  •  Digital customer experience Improvement

    Enrichment messaging media feature to gain customer engagement.

  •  Grab More Potential Revenue

    opportunity to grab millennial market with digital channel to create more revenue .

Bot and Live Chat

Another Use Cases

Bot and Live Chat with Omni Channel Solutions

Live ChatBot with NeuAPIX Omni Channel Solutions.

Build SMS Blast Application to Your End Application.

Deliver SMS Masking and SMS Blast Application to world wide Destination